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A customer wants to know if they can run two events with the same drivers by duplicating an event registration

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Hey there! Quick question, is there any way to duplicate a registration. Running two races this weekend and hate having to register everyone twice. Is there a timesaver?


#1 Updated by Walter Pate over 5 years ago

I called the customer to get more details of what they were looking for.
They were running the last two points races on the same weekend and wanted to duplicate the registration list of the first event to use for the second event.
It was explained that to do two events like that without a lot of awkward fudging it would require a custom feature to be submitted to
the temporary fix would be to register all the cars for the first event, then do a database backup of the event before timing in any cars. They could then run the first event. The second day they restore the backup that was created earlier and it would have all the drivers registered, they should edit the event name and date to reflect the new race. The down side to this is the resulting database would not have both races on it.
It would be better if a custom feature was written to clone an event drivers registration list and insert it into a new event. This feature request would have to be submitted to us for a quote before we would write code for such an application

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