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Question #3
I was trying to read the system requirements page and got a little confused:

Intel Celeron™, AMD ATHLON™ class processor or faster. (dual core recommended)

Windows Vista,Windows 7,Windows 8. (Windows® 8 recommended)
CD-ROM Drive.
Minimum 2 gb RAM.
Minimum 200MB Free disk space.
Video Card that supports 800x600 at 16Million colors (16bit).
Mouse/Trackball (optical recommended)
Windows® compatable Printer. (Laser printer recommended)
UPS (Un-interuptible power supply) with suitable power filtering capabilities. (Depends on track power conditions)


2 Serial ports. (one for scoreboard, one for decoder )
(If you use USB to serial adapter cables be sure to install the proper Windows drivers)
1 gb RAM or better.
Video Card that supports 1024x768 at 16Million colors. (24 or 32 bit)
Internet Access. (at racetrack)
Backup Storage Device such as tape drive, CD-RW, DVD-RW, Zip disk.
TCP/IP Networking Device. (10/100MB)

I was trying to figure out what the recommended RAM was? The minimum says 2 GB but the recommended says 1 GB or better? Is that addititive for a total of 3? Or is that 1 GB supposed to go with some other component, like the video card below it?

Ok, I think that's everything I have for now. When I went back over my notes, I found that about 50% of the "bugs" or questions I had written down were actually cases of them not having the correct setting somewhere.

Thanks again,

Vanda Paladino

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