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Customers computer would not start scoreboard

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Customer called reporting Moscore would not connect to their Matrix Display


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I was called by customer regarding scoreboard connection issue .
(The night before I noticed that my own computer was acting eradic and the diagnosis was pointing to a new MS Windows Security update.)
I asked the customer to check his Show Hidden Icons tab in the task bar. The computer message said that the computer needed to be restarted in order to complete the updates
The customer restarted the computer and it took a long time to finaly get to the logon stage because of the Windows update and security scan (almost an Hour)

When the customer finally restarted the computer Moscore worked properly as well as the scoreboard connection.
He is now reporting irregularities with hos printer connections.
This is an information post letting our customers know that Windows may be doing their BiAnnual update which could take a long time to do and may make changes to some of your default connections. It is strongly recommended that you keep all third party Updates current Incuding MS Windows so there are no delays to your race day because of Third Party software and security updates.

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