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WQMA is having an issue getting transponder data from the mylaps X2 decoder

Added by Walter Pate almost 2 years ago. Updated almost 2 years ago.

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While doing tests for live broadcasting with the Moscore-QM WebScorboard, Moscore-QM did not record any transponders crossing the start finish line
Bill Messmer at WQMA indicated that the X2 decoder seemed to be picking up the transponders.
With the Testing of the WebScoreboard WQMA had to enter new temporary club keys to activate the Temporary WebScoreboard.


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When Bill called this morning I was not aware of the change to accomodate a temporary WebScoreboard feed.
All I could suggest to Bill was to power down and reset the decoder and computer.
I called bill back for feedback on the issue and he said he had it resolved
It seems that the MyLaps X2 server had changed its addresses for some unknown reason. Bill had to work with the MyLaps x2 decoder setup to restore the scoring capability with Moscore-QM
Is this similar to what happened at Langley two weeks ago?
Bill will update this report with what he found.
Awaiting feedback

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emilykao [2:32 PM]
@walle @jamie We figured out why Moscore wasn't able to read any of the transponders. All networking addresses for the decoder got set to 0, so the X2 server wasn't able to communicate with the decoder. I managed to assign the IP address during our rain delay and ran the 2nd half of Mains with the transponder working.

#3 Updated by Walter Pate almost 2 years ago

I called MyLaps regarding the X2 decoder loosing its IP address.
They would like to get a first hand report on what happened at WQMA this weekend.
Bill or Emily, can you call John at tech support for car racing at Mylaps and give him the details of what happened to your decoders IP addresses?

Awaiting feedback

#4 Updated by Walter Pate almost 2 years ago

I called Brian Rhoads regarding the X 2 decoder and he says that their decoder has lost its IP connection before as well.
Brian is trying to keep tabs on this issue and said he will call John at MyLaps to discuss the issue.
Brian now has the decoder/server set to a static IP address. I am not sure wheather it lost its IP address with the static setting

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