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Moscore QM04/09/2012Walter PateDevelopmentSupport #70: When I try to start up moscore I get the 'database missing' popupWaiting callback from Stacey0.50
Moscore QM04/09/2012Walter PateDevelopmentSupport #69: Time clock not displaying on top lap counting display CIQMAconfirmed resolved1.00
Moscore QM03/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentFeature #64: show a list of all features in the options form3.00
Moscore QM03/27/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #58: debug log saved to the wrong placechanged debug log to scwp_debug.log and startup to scwp_startup.log and changed their output directory to the special folder CSIDL_PERSONAL (documents folder)1.00
Moscore QM02/29/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #57: parenting eventsetup to a panel causes ed_eventname to stop reacting to clicks4.00
Moscore QM02/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #53: transponder auto assign error1.00
Moscore QM02/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #52: Temp member number randomly set a Zero numberfixed bugs with display of new member button, added validation check to make sure you don't save a member with membernum 0, changed random member number generation to start at 10.50
Moscore QM02/28/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #56: Inconsistant class order when printing Registration Quick Sheetcorrected 'order by' statement in frm_print.sql_batches.SQL from 'classorder' to 'qualifyorder'0.50
Moscore QM02/09/2012Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #51: ver 1_3_11 new event setup error3.00
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #38: To Back/Off Track2.00
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #40: Qualifying number assignments-qualifying errors if Qnum is duplicated0.50
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #42: race editor0.50
Moscore QM12/27/2011Jamie PateDevelopmentBug #43: countdown timers can be set below 0 seconds0.25

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