Jamie Pate



Reported issues: 94


10:02 PM Moscore QM Bug #371 (Resolved): Webserver not working properly


04:35 AM Moscore QM Bug #373 (Feedback): Unable to create a new race in the race editor
This is an enquiry e-mail via http://moscore.com/ from:
stacey Klitzing <tower2@tvqma.org>
this is what comes up ...


02:36 PM Moscore QM Feature #372: Would like to be able to update race order for a single event without having to cha...
I have written an experimental container app and a plug-in for it which allows you to clone race formats. In a future...


06:21 AM Moscore QM Bug #356 (Resolved): Need a way to remove transponder information from the race if it's not assig...
Added @remove transponder@ menu item to transponder context menu, but realized that the context menu is no longer sho...
05:00 AM Moscore QM Bug #360 (Resolved): Exception EFOpenerror when the user tries to open a second instance in Mosco...


09:03 PM Moscore QM Bug #362 (Resolved): Turning off Lamp Test option on Scoreboard results in Abstract Error
Fixed for beta 1.3.50


05:19 AM Moscore QM Bug #363 (Closed): Unable to save race finish or transfer drivers to higher main.
Emily reported not being able to transfer drivers from a higher main. It looks like null values in the previous value...


02:15 AM Moscore QM Bug #361: Time are being rounded up on the Daktronics Pylon scoreboard when times are manually e...
Not sure this behavior is a problem.


04:36 PM Moscore QM Feature #358 (Resolved): Scoreboard options and multiple scoreboards
04:34 PM Moscore QM Feature #358: Scoreboard options and multiple scoreboards
Fixed in rc2/3 you might have to delete/rename your scoreboard directory (defaults to @%programdata%/mosco/moscore_qm...

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